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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Why So Clingy!? I'm At My Wits End!
iheartkids 10:23 AM 03-09-2012
I have had my niece's daughter here since she was a year old and now at 20 months old she has become so clingy to me! I can't go 10 feet away from her or she starts screaming (and her cry about drives you batty). My son is a little younger than her and doesn't do anything like that. I am not her only provider, she goes to both her grandmothers houses through out the week also. I've talked to her mom and the grandmothers and she does not act at all like that with them. I can't cook or do dishes without her at my feet screaming. At nap or bedtime (I have her second shift) she will NOT lay down unless I am sitting right next to the crib. Again, she doesn't do this at the grandmothers' houses. Is this a power struggle? My husband is going nuts because he has to listen to her scream when I have to go to the bathroom or prepare dinner and clean up. And I feel bad for my kids because I can't give them any attenion when she is here. I wish I knew what is causing it so I can fix it. I wonder if it's all an attention thing but how do I change it???
Michael 11:50 AM 03-09-2012
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cheerfuldom 12:19 PM 03-09-2012
first question...when is she spending time with her parents?!?

I would guess a part of it is the age, some separation anxiety (considering she has 3 regular babysitters) and the fact that gets a lot of attention everywhere else but at your house, she's probably carried a lot to. They may not have this problem anywhere else just because they would carry her, rock her or stop what they are doing and give her what she wants. I don't think any of these things are going to change because her world sounds very random and inconsistent. You're fighting a losing battle here. She may grow out of it but it could get a lot worse before it gets better.
iheartkids 02:19 PM 03-09-2012
That's drhe answer I was afraid of and what I keep telling my husband. Both parents work 2nd shift and since I'm not technically open 2nd shift me and the 2 grandmas take turns watching her. My sister (grandma 1) can't watch her Tuesday and Thursday nights and grandma 2 takes her on Fridays. But she is dropped off here everyday in the afternoon because he gmas work during the day. So either I completely lose he to another provider or I completely lose my family time in he evening. Neither of which I want to do I wish she would go to first shift soon but the mom likes having them all have family time in the morning so she doesn't want to switch shifts. I really don't think the gmas carry her around, at least I know my sister doesn't cause she's not like that. But I do know she gets all attention when she is there. I think I'm just stuck!
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