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Unregistered 06:43 AM 09-27-2012
Reg but logged out for privacy.

I have a 1 (almost 2) year old dcb who started last month part time, 2 days a week. He is very clingy to me, always asking to be picked up. He also asks for a snack every 30 seconds, which grinds on my nerves all day. My son, who is the same age, plays well with his friends and is happy and not clingy- except in the morning when this dcb is dropped off.

This is the main issue: Now he has started to ask to use the potty, because he wants to earn a potty snack like the other kids. At first, I took him because I want to encourage potty training if I can, but now he asks all the time. He has never gone potty and is in diapers, and the parents arent working on it at home. It is very time consuming to take an extra child to the potty, lay them down, take the diaper off, have them sit for a while, only for them to not go, then have to lay them back down and rediaper them- every 45 minutes to an hour. I dont know how to approach this. If he were a full timer, I would go about starting to train him like the others and get him going on a schedule, but for 2 days a week and only 7 hours a day, the effort isnt really worth the hassle to me. What are some other options? Every bone in my body would feel super guilty for telling a child who is asking to go potty "no, i wont take you," but the whole diaper on diaper off routine all the time for no result is very frusstrating.
Michael 04:44 PM 09-27-2012
Pushing this back up.
Cat Herder 04:57 PM 09-27-2012
I did not answer this post because I felt the OP would not like my answer.

My opinion is: if you don't think working with part time kids, exactly as you would full time kids, is worth the hassle, then you really should not do part time care.

Sorry, I do understand what you are saying and agree in the fullest. THAT is one of the many reasons I don't do part time care.
Sugar Magnolia 05:17 PM 09-27-2012
Hmmmm. I think giving the older kids who do go potty a snack is the problem. Maybe a super cool sticker instead? Switch to a "snack is only given at snack time" policy perhaps.
itlw8 05:30 PM 09-27-2012
what do you do ? you take him and at some point it will happen and that child will train easy and fast because he really wants to go and be like the others.
countrymom 06:11 PM 09-27-2012
first, cut the potty snacks out, sorry but going potty isn't a reward thing its an expected thing.

second, I would continue taking him, ask parents to bring in pull ups because they are easy to deal with.
DaisyMamma 03:47 AM 09-28-2012
if you need to stick with potty snacks then only give the reward when a child pees or poos.
but honestly i would personally switch to stickers, but still only give it when there is a result.
pull ups are a good idea. but if it were me, i wouldn't bother at all. mom has not initiated it at home and he is clearly looking for a snack, not to go potty. mom probably lets him graze all day long.
My3cents 04:25 AM 09-28-2012
praise for potty not rewards. I have found this works the best. You want to concentrate on the poo and pee and the feeling of I have to go, not on what the child gets. I don't do rewards. I do praise.

I get serious about training when parents get serious at home. If you want it to work everyone has to be on board.

Hope this helps.

Introduce and you have, he see's what the other kids are doing but never force or reward. Praise praise praise. The reward is you get to wear big boy undies and use the potty.
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