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tenderhearts 01:14 PM 09-09-2010
I started a new boy yesterday, he turned 2 in mid August. He is very shy and quiet, has never been in daycare before. He was very good, pretty much observed everyone all day. He went down for his nap good, which I was worried about because mom said he still sleeps in crib at home. I layed him on a mat on the floor. He even was skidish of me UNTIL after nap, he followed me around like a puppy. Now I know he's new and he's unfamiliar with everyone and is shy but today he has continued following me EVERY WHERE I go, literally standing right behind me, I was looking for something for one of the other dck and he was right behind me, I about knocked him over and I almost fell, when he wants to move to another toy he takes my hand and wants me to go, or if I'm sitting he wants to sit on my lap or be held. He does not talk at all, just the "cave man" talk.
So my question is how do you get a shy child to play & interact and not be so clingy to you and learn to not need you around for everything? I have 2 babies so I can't have a 2 yr old clinging to me all day. Now I don't mind if he sits on my lap but he is like my shadow, which is fine to a point but I also want him to learn to play and interact without needing me with him for everything.
I tell him it's ok you can go play with the toy, and tell him to go on but he usually ends up just staying right by me. thanks I've never had one this shy before.
missnikki 01:49 PM 09-09-2010
That one def. is an issue that can be helped if the parents are willing to work with you. Talk to them, let them know what you would like to help him to accomplish, and that in order to be successful, he will need consistency both at DC and at home. Suggest that at home they try napping, play time, eating in a way that gives him more independence- tell them how you do it. If you can get the parents on your side before there is a major meltdown, you can bet it will help him get comfortable. Be prepared for a rough time soon, he might be 'honeymooning' right now.
casg415 02:01 PM 09-09-2010
i was a super shy child as a kid. most of the time the child just wants to feel comfortable with his/her surroundings and know the kids their playing with. it takes time though because certain kids need to get it out of their system. i think by goofing around with the kid and making him feel comfortable, in no time he'll be running around like the other toddlers.
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