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mrs.meg 06:10 PM 10-22-2010
I have a boy who is 2 years 10 months I have been keeping for 4 weeks with his (AS) sister. His sister is 5, and in kindergarten. Last week she was here all week all day and all the kids had a great time. I have noticed that this sister is a very nice little girl, she is naturally nurturing and so sweet to her baby brother. Brother follows her around like she is a mommy, takes her toys, and bosses her around (just like he does the parents). It is very sweet, but sometimes it gets a little overbearing and I tell him not to take her stuff or to ask her for something instead of demanding things and telling her what to do. This week the kids are back in school and baby brother is moping around. He doesn't really play with the other kids and the other kids do not like him very much because he is always pushy and demanding and they just don't let him boss them around because he is younger than them. He follows me around sometimes, and that makes him happy, but it seems strange that he won't play with the other kids much. Sometimes they all get together and play, but even when they have been outside this week he will cry and say he is scared.

Do you think this is just that he is missing his sister? I haven't ever experienced a child with this type of attachment to a sibling. Most of the time kids are fine with other kids, but he seems so insecure when she is not here.
MN Mom 07:22 PM 10-22-2010
My son is this way with his sisters.

He is 4, he is the only boy AND the youngest (and last, I'm fixed) child. Yes..I will admit, he's mommy's little boy and I DO spoil him a tad.

He's got his sisters wrapped around his finger, as does this little boy. It is cute, but there comes a point where it has to stop...or it will annoy the girl later on. It'd be willing to bet it's just a case of missing his sister.

I'd definately be correcting the pushy behavior, though...with the other children AND his sister when she is around. It's easier to teach when they are younger.

I've been working on my self-made issue of my son being babied. He's not a brat, actually very polite and sweet, but when he knows he can get his way with you...he'll do it. It's those eyes, and smile and mommy I love you's that do it! /blush.
Lilbutterflie 11:20 AM 10-23-2010
My son is 2yrs 9 mos & my daughter is 5 in kindergarten also! How funny. My son is pretty attached to his sister too, and he went through such an adjustment period when she went to kindergarten! My son dealt with it a little differently... he acted out BIG time! Throwing fits much more than usual, crying more than usual, just really emotional about everything. He would ask for her multiple times a day, and give her big hugs when we pick her up from school! I think attachment is totally normal, especially since he's fairly new to your daycare and his sister is his stability in this situation.
mrs.meg 04:48 PM 10-23-2010
That makes me feel better. I didn't know because I don't have boys of my own, but I do see that with my friends, their boys tend to wrap mom around their little finger!

I do see that he is VERY spoiled, as most of the kids I watch, including my own are, but he may be a little worse than average!
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