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dreamer 11:15 AM 04-03-2017
Which days are holidays for your daycare?
Days when the daycare is closed?
Kajada 11:36 AM 04-03-2017
I'm closed on all major provincial/federal holidays. If it's a statutory holiday here, I'm closed. My families all have those days off as well, so it's not a problem. My personal two weeks of vacation are pretty scattered - a few days here, a week there, etc. I use my vacation time for other projects, for example, I'm the president of a summer festival in my area, so I'm off the Thursday and Friday of the festival to make sure everything is ready for the weekend and running smoothly. I also try to schedule any appointments during my time off.
DaveA 12:14 PM 04-03-2017
I close for New Year's day, my birthday, my anniversary, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, and Christmas and December 26th.

As for vacation- that tends to be either a few long weekends a few times a year or a 1-2 week vacation in the summer. Depends on how the year goes.
jenboo 12:28 PM 04-03-2017
i close for any holiday i can find
Ariana 12:30 PM 04-03-2017
I follow the same holiday schedule as the schools so all major holidays. I also take 4 weeks of vacation.
bklsmum 12:33 PM 04-03-2017
These are my paid holidays:
Monday, January 2nd
Friday, April 14th
Monday, May 29th
Monday, July 3rd
Tuesday July 4th
Monday, September 4th
Monday, October 9th
Thursday, November 23rd
Friday, November 24th
Monday, December 25th
Tuesday, December 26th

I also have 4 paid half days during the year as well. I can also take up to two weeks unpaid a year if I choose. Haven't yet but will take at least a week of it this summer when we go to Florida.
Orange2001 01:38 PM 04-03-2017
I am closed and paid for New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, thanksgiving day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I also take up to two weeks off a per year with 3 months notice. I'm one of the two weeks is paid the other is not and parents can choose one week out of child care without payment. So all parents pay 50 weeks per year.
daycare 01:40 PM 04-03-2017
Originally Posted by jenboo:
i close for any holiday i can find
lol me too.. I found a list of holidays years back. there was a holiday almost everday.

national dog day
teacher day
children's day
national ice cream day...

lol but we don't close for them....
CityGarden 01:49 PM 04-03-2017
Originally Posted by jenboo:
i close for any holiday i can find
Me too!
Blackcat31 02:13 PM 04-03-2017
I close for many of the major holidays. I don't close for holidays such as MLK, President's Day or holidays that fall on weekends.

I do however take days such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Memorial Day and the 4th of July off.

I also take days off whenever I feel I need them.

I have it written into my contract that I will take no more than 21 days off per year as vacation/paid days and will give notice for these days off/closed days with as much notice as possible.

However, when and how often I take days off is really dependent on the current group I have and when I 'need' a day off.

Over the years, I've found that long weekends are much more enjoyable and much easier to come back from (for both myself and the kids) than taking a week all together off.

The whole week with weekends book ending it, make for a long transition back into routine for some of my DCK's so shortening it to 2 long weekends has netted the smoothest transitions AND the most relaxation time for me. Win-win!
Cat Herder 02:47 PM 04-03-2017
1. Federal holidays paid.

2. Two weeks unpaid vacation.

3. 3 Training days, unpaid.
Jupadia 03:17 PM 04-03-2017
I'm in Ontario Canada I take all the Stat holidays.
New years
family day (3rd Monday in feb)
good friday
Victoria day (3rd mon in may)
Canada day (July 1)
Labour day
Thanksgiving (October)
Christmas day
Boxing day.

Then I also add on Easter Monday and civic day (1 mon in August ). Close early at 12 noon christmas eve and 5pm halloween. Plus up to 3 weeks vacation. (Vacation is unpaid, everything else is paid)
Unregistered 04:01 PM 04-03-2017
I take Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Independence Day, and Memorial Day. I also take 2 weeks winter break, one week spring, and one week summer break. Plus up to six personal days as needed. All paid. I am closed on Fridays that's the reason I do not take all the federal/state holidays.
Unregistered 05:16 AM 04-04-2017
New Year's Day
Memorial Day
July 4th if a week day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving and the day after
December 24,25,26
Unregistered 05:24 AM 04-04-2017
Oh, and one week (7 days) possibly as long and then Th/F/M/Tu another time. that way I get a total of a two week vacation.

I'm also closed one Friday per month, and have a sub the first Thursday morning of the month when I go to a women's group that meets at a local bakery/coffee shop. So fun!

Breaks are good!
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