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SunflowerMeadow 08:07 AM 08-30-2017
Have an 11 month old baby that has been super clingy this week. What helps? Or could it be teeth coming in? Separation anxiety?
Unregistered 08:48 AM 08-30-2017
How long has he been in care with you? Is this new behavior for him and have the parents mentioned any changes in home life or with his behavior at home? Have you tried giving him Tylenol?
hwichlaz 10:33 AM 08-30-2017
9-12 months is prime separating anxiety age

also could be teething. offer some pain relief, a kind that's legal with your licensing regs
Josiegirl 02:38 AM 08-31-2017
I have a sweet baby who is also 11 mo. For the past 2-4 weeks she's been doing the same thing. If I put her on the floor so I can tend to someone else, she'll cry and chase after me, then stand up and hold onto my legs. Momma says there are only 4 people in her life that she will let hold her, the parents, 1 grandma, and me. I think it's just separation anxiety in this little ones case. We play lots of peek-a-boo and chasing around on the floor. I have no idea how to deal with it except lots of love and reassurance. It certainly makes caring for everybody a little more challenging but we'll get through it.
SunflowerMeadow 08:31 PM 08-31-2017
Been in care since a newborn. I think mom said that she had him for the first time in the daycare nursery at church this past weekend and he freaked out.
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