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jojosmommy 11:28 AM 05-21-2012
I have posted before about my DD. She has some serious medical issues, and we have been waiting forever for a referral to see a specialist. Today the clinic called and said she could get in Wednesday due to a cancellation or Early August. Obviously I took the Wednesday appoinment and figured we would make it work somehow.

I called my daycare families immediately (even though they had dropped of 10 min prior) so they would have as much possible time to plan an alternative. I offered to be closed (and reimburse them what they had already paid), switch days off for my 4 day a week family, or allow them to come in the afternoon- calling them to let them know when I got home from the appt. The one family was awesome, she said "no big deal, I will look at my sched at work and let you know tonight. I would definately have taken the wed appt too!" The other family gave me hell. "OMG, my parents have appointments that day so now I am stuck. bla bla blaa." Guilt trip continued for 5 min. Ill tell you tomorrow what my plan is, I guess. This family has a company provided (FREE) back up daycare. Mom doesnt like to use it b/c she thinks her kids get sick there. I was so ready to tell her off. Her kids are terrible, she is rude, seriously she is baiting me into kicking them out.

I want to call her and tell her, actually, I decided to take the whole day to make sure we have time to do all the appointments we need for our DD.

Am I being totally inconsiderate? I know this is late notice but really FAMILY FIRST. I gave them warning months ago that if we were able to get in we were taking the soonest appt, as soon as they called. Am I just irritable or am I justified?
LittleD 11:33 AM 05-21-2012
I get sick sick of being walked on by some people, that I would say that I'd be taking the whole day(just for them). They have alternate care (free) that they can use(it's not your fault they are picky about it-it is there for emergencies), you did give them warning this could happen. I'd be afraid they'd be late picking up before your appointment out of spite (had it happen to me before)

It may be considered petty, but meh, I'm only human
juliebug 11:43 AM 05-21-2012
Truthfully i would just forget what that parent said, I understand having to quickly take a day off. My husband was just diagnosed with cancer and we have a bunch of appt where he will need a driver and some one to stay with him. I took Friday off for one of these appointments. i just told all my parents i had to have the day off and they don't have to pay. They all took it well.
Good luck on your appt Wed
cheerfuldom 11:45 AM 05-21-2012
I know you are frustrated but I would not take the whole day off just for spite. If you need it, take it. Otherwise, stick with the original conversation and DCM will have to plan accordingly.
Nellie 02:00 PM 05-23-2012
I understand your hurtness. Luckly I've never had DC families do that to me. I've been lucky to have a back up in all my emergancy and appointments. I had a tooth that needed to be pulled and I let every one know at drop off that I was going to be going to the dentist as soon as I could get in. The appointment time worked out for my back up, but all my families told me they would figure it out if I needed the day off. My father in law had a stroke a year back and every single one of my DCF's asked if I wanted time off. Families need to look at this like a "sick day" only they have a few days to plan for it.

I know see that this post was a few days ago. I hope your DD appointments went well and the specialist she is seeing will be able to help her.
nothingwithoutjoy 02:25 PM 05-23-2012
I think you were being very considerate offering so many options (rather than simply saying "I'm closed"), and it's horrible of parents to make you feel guilty (as if we don't have enough guilt and worry already when we have to close!). I hope your appointment went well. Don't worry about the whiners.
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