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MamaJ 06:43 PM 06-20-2011
I have a DKB who comes 3 days a week. He will be starting Kindergarten this fall, and mom wants him to come on his school days...also 3 days a week. She hasn't mentioned anything about rates, but I am anticipating her asking for a lowered rate since he will be here just in the morning to get on the bus, and in the afternoon for about an hour 1/2.

I'll be getting him on/off the bus (which, with this particular kid I forsee morning battles...oye).

I'm not sure if I should keep the daily rate the same, since I'm still responsible for him while in school, or lower it? If I lower it, I might just term...not sure the small amount of $ would be worth the hassle.

sharlan 06:46 PM 06-20-2011
I never lowered my rates for a K.
AfterSchoolMom 06:54 PM 06-20-2011
Originally Posted by MamaJ:
since I'm still responsible for him while in school
I don't think you're responsible for him while he's in school. If anything happens, generally the school calls the parents, not the dcp. I've been doing SA care for several years and have never had the school call me about any of them ever (and I'm on all of their emergency lists).

What is your normal weekly rate, if you don't mind me asking? I don't see how you can avoid lowering the rate if you're cutting down from 3 full days to about 10 or 15 hours unless that's the same amount of hours that he's usually in your care over the three days.

I charge $80 weekly for B/A care.
MamaJ 07:00 PM 06-20-2011
I'm charging $80 for 3 days of care 7:30-5:30. My normal weekly full-time rate is $130.

I live in MI...that's pretty average here....a lot of rates are between $125-$150/week. I'm just starting as of 6 months new to this.
VTMom 07:14 PM 06-20-2011
I have an after school rate, but if the child is coming in the morning as well, the part-time rate is in effect. For snow days/ school vacation days, the full time rate applies for the day.

Is he not excited to ride the bus? This was THE highlight of kindergarten for my DD's entire class this year. Would you be willing to make it a conditional placement as long as DCB isn't too much trouble with getting on/off the bus?
MamaJ 07:21 PM 06-20-2011
he throws major tantrums when we have to leave to go somewhere. uncharacteristic for his age. like on the floor crying. sometimes he is just fine...but about 50% of the time he throws a fit. This would be when I had to go drop off or pick up my own son from school....or if we are at a park and we have to leave (I've given plenty of warning time that we are leaving and stated my expectations of him).

This is the same boy I posted earlier about who I think something is just not right with him...(posted as unregistered).

This morning, he was the last to arrive and refused to sit at the table and eat breakfast. I don't require that he eat, but at least sit with the other kids and not play while it's breakfast time. I can't pick him up- he's too heavy for he chose to sit on the floor in my son's room until breakfast was over.

sometimes, he's easy as pie to have around...but I never know what's going to set him off.

so, if I'm getting $80/week now for 3 days...I'm just not sure it's worth my hassle to lower my rate when I could just find someone else to take his place, since I'm only allowed a certain # of kids...kwim?
MamaJ 05:28 AM 06-21-2011
So, what would you suggest charging if he's currently paying $80 for 3 full days...going down to before and after school care for 3 days?
Meeko 05:59 AM 06-21-2011
My clients don't pay for how many hours they are here. They simply pay for a spot in the day care. It's full price, regardless of hours or attendance. I love my job...but it's how I support my entire family and so I do not discount anyone. I do not see the point of cutting my own throat financially and CHOOSING to lower my income! My schoolies spots costs the same as the toddlers who are here all day every day. (The schoolies are here all day every day during the hols)

If I was a landlord, I would decide the monthly cost of rent for my property. Would I cut the rent in half if the tenant told me he was away on business a lot and was actually only sleeping in the home about two weeks out of the month? Of course not! The rent is the rent! The tenant can be there as much or as little as he likes, but the rent stays the same.

I "rent" day care spots for a certain price. They have to be paid for whether the kids are here 3 hours a week or 30 hours a week.

Of course some parents do not want to pay full price and they are free not to buy my services. However....I get DOZENS of calls in the summer from frantic parents who have put their kids in the before and after school programs to save a buck and then scramble like crazy to find care for the summer and over school breaks! Their poor kids end up going to a different place every time!

Most of the schoolies I have in my care have been here for years and/or have younger siblings here. Their parents don't mind paying full price as they have budgeted it in for years and are happy to continue and to know they don't have to rush around looking for alternate care when school is closed.

I am then free to take extra kids when the schoolies are gone and increase my income. Those kids can only arrive after the schoolies are gone and must be gone before the schoolies get back. So far that hasn't been a problem for years.
VTMom 05:54 PM 06-21-2011
Originally Posted by MamaJ:
So, what would you suggest charging if he's currently paying $80 for 3 full days...going down to before and after school care for 3 days?
In my case, I'd charge my part-time rate which is about half of my full-time rate. It's effective for under 4 hours of care a day.

I had a DCB that sounds similar to your DCB and totally understand the hesitation. If you're kind of hoping that he will leave your care, keep your rates as they are with the understanding that it's for the spot, not for hours (as a previous poster does). That way you'll either feel fairly compensated, or he'll move to something that can accomodate him better.

Good luck!
cheerfuldom 06:12 PM 06-21-2011
If he is taking the a spot and you need that full timer income, then don't feel bad to term (or request full time payment). I can see this as a big issue if you only take a small number. I would never discount here because I only take four kids. Why would I give a discount when I could easily fill with a full timer?
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