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AfterSchoolMom 12:48 PM 12-14-2009
Does anyone here do before and after school childcare exclusively? I'm new here, and I've LOVED reading the threads and seeing proof that other providers go through the same things that I go through! This is my second year providing care only to school aged kids. I think that there are some similar and some different problems associated with school aged providers, so thought I'd open it up to discussion here.
originalkat 07:30 PM 12-14-2009
Providing only before and after school kids could be a good option for me to free up time in the middle of the day. How much do you charge? Do you have a large vehicle to transport all of them? Does your local school district provide after school care? Our does for a nominal fee so I dont know if it would be profitable around here.
mac60 03:50 AM 12-15-2009
While I do have b/a school kids, it is not my main source of income. At $35 per week for b/a school care, I could never make a descent income doing it here.
AfterSchoolMom 05:47 AM 12-15-2009
I charge $45/week for before only, $55/week for after only, and $75/week for before and after. That's about the going rate for my area, if not a little cheaper. Our school system doesn't offer afternoon care, so daycare facilities or private home care are pretty much the only options for parents here.

I have a van that EXACTLY fits the number of kids that I have safely. I won't take on more than will fit in the car, even though I don't do transportation to and from school.

I have to say that I'm really enjoying it. I get decent pay and have my mornings and early afternoons free to get things done around the house!
jen 01:47 PM 12-15-2009
Schoolagers can be tough...

I do have some, but they grew up here which makes it a bit easier. I think having them on a schedule helps.

2:30: hash hands, have snack
2:45: homework
3:15: outside play
4:00: Free choice until pick up: Leggos, video games, reading, etc.
5:00: Pick up

My younger kids sleep until 3, so I am available for snack and homework. They are expected to be fairly independent for the remainder of the day. If they have behavior issues, then they get to join the preschoolers...
AfterSchoolMom 05:43 PM 12-17-2009
I try to follow a similar schedule, jen, but things do tend to get hectic. I've got two grade schoolers of my own, plus four after school kids. When we come back from break in January I'm going to insitute a new, more strict "quiet" policy for homework time. Older kids can be LOUD!
gbcc 07:17 AM 12-18-2009
The schoolagers that grew up here and I molded to fit my rules I love!! School agers that came later on are such a pain for me. They have complete lack of disrespect for me, my home and my rules. I have 2 families like that now and in the past I have had to get rid of other families for similar reasons. I am no longer taking school agers unless they come with a 2 or 3 year old or grew up with me.
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