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ihop 08:05 AM 03-17-2014
In your experience, when do families start enrolling for summer child care? I have been advertising for it but no hits yet. Also, do you find you are more or less full for the summer months?

Cat Herder 08:16 AM 03-17-2014
I used to start getting calls about now. In recent years the schools have started free summer programs because they have to feed the "free lunch program" kids year round (fed grants with tax $), so it rarely happens anymore.

I just switched to full time enrollments, only.

Between free K-3, Pre-K, After school, and Summer care in the public school system it just does not pay to do SA care here.
Scribbles 08:19 AM 03-17-2014
I am usually less full because families seem to find friends, relatives and teen-ager's or college students available to provide care for much cheaper than daycare rates.

The only calls I get for summer care are school agers and usually the families only want a day or two (when neighbor or family member isn't available) or they want someone who will drive their child to and from all the child's activities throughout the summer.

Summer is definitely slower here than other times of the year.
nothingwithoutjoy 09:32 AM 03-17-2014
I'm extra full in the summer (8 rather than my usual 6), because I take back my "graduates." Usually, the most organized mom asks in February, and then I remember to plan my vacation and get a summer calendar going. Then I give her the days she wants and then remind my other families that I'm enrolling for summer. Most of them usually schedule camps right around now (a week here and there), and then get back to me to fill in the rest of their summer.

I'd much rather have the consistency of kids who come back all summer long, but many many camps are the norm around here, so this is what works.
butterfly 09:43 AM 03-17-2014
Has the weather started to warm up yet? That's when I get summer inquires.

I no longer do summer care, but it seems the weather reminds people that they need to make summer plans.
TaylorTots 09:45 AM 03-17-2014
I've gotten some calls and applications already, but none that I want to take in the end. I don't really care if I fill any of the teacher's spots for the summer though so I'm not advertising hard. I enjoy being less full for a few months.
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