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busymomof2 04:27 PM 03-23-2011
I will be losing all but one of my kids to kinder next Fall...including my own daughter. I am considering offering after school care with pick-up from school. Anyone doing this? How much do you charge? I know this will effect my numbers but I will be picking up daughter anyways. Help need some guidance. Thanks!
missnikki 04:34 PM 03-23-2011
Start asking around to get an idea of the need in your area. Ask fellow parents at registration events, back to school nights, etc... Ask your parents of the kindys too. Once you know how much you would be needed, you can get a general idea of how to approach price and availability.
Meyou 04:50 AM 03-24-2011
I only do afterschool for kids that graduate from my house to big school. I charge 60% of my daily rate for those kids unless they need am care too. Then it's the full rate.
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