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Abigail 12:04 PM 05-11-2015
I'm STILL undecided and need to make up my mind what furniture set I would like to order through a grant. My main hard choice is deciding whether to get furniture that has wooden legs, they're only 1-3" I'm sure, but they would be all vinyl with wooden legs ORRRRRRRR just get flat furniture that the entire vinyl couch/chair would be flush with the carpet. If it's on legs things will be inviting to toss under it, like legos or small toys (it's in a preschool room with smaller toys), BUT if it's flush to the carpet without legs it might still be inviting to try to "hide" toys. I'm not sure about the placement of the furniture whether it would be against the wall or one piece facing a wall to create a cozy corner, but either piece I get I think the kids will at least once try to stand on it or tip it.

Additional Details: This would be for 2.5-5 year olds. It would be in a room with carpet. No art materials would be in the room for puncturing the vinyl.

PLEASE share your thoughts on whether I should get a set that has legs or is flush to the carpet. I need to place my order tomorrow.
spedmommy4 06:05 PM 05-11-2015
I believe you would be fine either way. In my own classroom space, I chose furniture that was flush with the floor. I chose this furniture for the way it maximizes space. I also tend to choose things for how they fit in with my current furniture. The classroom space needs to be functional but, it's also part of what sells my program to parents.
Thriftylady 06:09 PM 05-11-2015
Either way you will have to move it to clean under it at times. So either choice is acceptable.
Abigail 08:25 PM 05-11-2015
I was starting to lean towards getting flat to the ground, no legged furniture, but when I looked again at sizes the others were all only 17" height meaning they were only about 8" seats vs. this is the ONLY option, affordable, that is 12" seat heights. Do you think Camel would be the only home-like color vs. blue or red are probably stand-out colors?|FC1025

I've browsed around town and saw Sears had kid chairs that were only 7.5" heights and those are just too short for a 3-5 year old. Then at Target earlier I saw they had a "fancy" no armed chair for $80 that was about 12" and it looked more size appropriate, but with no arms and no additional seating options I may as well order from
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