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Unregistered 08:09 AM 03-29-2021
I qualify for medical marijuana in my state. I had an appointment with my doctor to discuss getting a card. I am refusing opioids by my doctors for my condition as they are very addictive and have lost family to opioid addiction. At the appointment he told me that he will not give his permission as daycare providers should not/can not have medical cards for it. Iíve checked everywhere I can find about daycare providers with cards and Iowa but I see no where were thatís a disqualifying status. I donít understand why a job would prevent me from it. Just like alcohol you donít do it during business hours. But after hours I am my own person not my career.
Any experience? Iím debating if I should try another doctor or just give up.
Cat Herder 08:49 AM 03-29-2021
My state added in a new section, I believe to prepare just for this issue. I have to legally attest to my "fitness" to be a provider.

Description: Verification of Qualifications
Legal Description:
(13) The Provider, Employees and Provisional Employees must Must provide additional reasonable verification of the qualifications of the Provider, Employees and Provisional Employees upon request by the Department. Reasonable verification may include, but need not be limited to any or all of the following: statement(s) from an attending physician or other health care professional attesting to the mental and/or physical health of the Provider, Provisional Employee or Employee; letters of reference from designated persons in the community where the Provider, Provisional Employees and/or Employees intend to work or is working; certified copies of court orders; and additional records checks.

Seems they can't fight the legality of use, so they are going for the condition that makes it wanted.
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