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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>I am sooo!!!! Excited
familyschoolcare 07:14 AM 07-08-2011
I think my first day care kid will start on Monday. Also, I am interviewing another parent today. Yah me!
MarinaVanessa 07:17 AM 07-08-2011
That's awesome good luck with your business, your client and your interview!!
littlemissmuffet 07:22 AM 07-08-2011
Congratulations! Good luck with your interview and with Monday!
Meeko 07:25 AM 07-08-2011
Yeah! Hope all goes well for you!
daycare 09:32 AM 07-08-2011
Great to hear!! Hope things keep looking up for you!!
Zoe 09:35 AM 07-08-2011
That's great! I'm so jealous! I've been licensed since Feb. and haven't signed anyone up other than my one daycare family.

But I do have an interview tomorrow so we'll see!
daycare 09:36 AM 07-08-2011
do you mind sharing where and how you are advertising with all of us??
juliebug 11:13 AM 07-08-2011
congrats hope you interview goes well!
familyschoolcare 11:14 AM 07-08-2011
Originally Posted by daycare:
do you mind sharing where and how you are advertising with all of us??
I advertised hear, got one response for more info. by E-mail then nothing that was a week ago

Despite my first beliefs I did not start getting serious calls until after I advertised as Christian care. I think it is because almost all of the Christian day care (run by a church) in the area have closed.

Craigslist I post everyday I know you are not supposed to but I do transport school aged. So what I do is under the title I write Christian family daycare before/after school/summer care with transportation to (rotate the schools local enough to transport to)

I have my add already typed out and saved as a word doc. I just cut and paste it everyday. If it says that the add is too close to one posted recently then I change part of a line one line at a time until it will let me post

The interview that is coming today is a 4c's referral
MrsMacklin 11:43 AM 07-08-2011
awesome.. congrats! My first one starts on Monday too. I've been open since the beginning of June. I also have another one starting in late August. Let's hope we both get more soon
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