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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Can Someone Please Explain This To Me
Sdcp16 04:32 PM 08-07-2011
I have been doing daycare for over 12 years, have my own two daughters ages 12 and 15. I have a finished basement that I use for daycare. All day long, I have to remind the daycare kids "No running". "No jumping on the couch". "No yelling inside". Oh running, no running, no running! Then we go outside to a fully fenced in yard with couple cars, a see saw, a big climber, a small climber,a little Tykes house, squirt guns, cars, trucks, a little kids pool with slide and all they do is stand in front of me! I always have one or two babies out there with us and they are usually in exersaucers. The kids all stand around the exersaucers fighting over the toys on them!! Why don't they play outside??????
AnneCordelia 05:16 PM 08-07-2011
LOL! I know what you mean! I tell them, "Go play!" and they usually do.
CheekyChick 07:14 PM 08-07-2011
LOL!!! The same thing happens here!!! They are FULL of energy, bouncing off the walls and when we go outside, they want to sit in the shade (it's not even that hot here) or sit on our laps. Go figure.
cheerfuldom 07:51 PM 08-07-2011
yup. I shoo the kids away from me and the babies and just keep shoo'ing till the go play. Rowdy kids in the house get the chill out chair.
Squirrel 04:40 AM 08-08-2011
Happens here too. Some days I wish I could have the sandbox inside and all the bookcases and room dividers outside since they love to run around inside and sit down quietly in the sandbox outside.
daycarelady68 04:51 AM 08-08-2011
Same thing here. I don't understand it either. Inside "no running" outside "go play"....I will get them involved in a game, they have to act like a specific animal and run the length of the yard (fenced) as the animal. At least it uses up their energy. I just continually remind them to run, play & be loud while we are outside.
MommyMuffin 04:57 AM 08-08-2011
When the kids are running and I am consistent about the runner being put in a "quiet" time, then the next day things are better. As long as my reaction to the running is consistent then the running either subsides or disappears.

When outside, I offer ideas of things they can do and then I just tell them to to go play. After a while they start getting creative and start to play.
KEG123 05:59 AM 08-08-2011
Same here!! They follow me around outside like little lost puppies!!
SandeeAR 08:42 AM 08-08-2011
Maybe start chasing them around, with the "I'm going to get you" sort of thing. Just to get them started running. Once they get started, say ok, Jimmy, you get Susie, etc. And then you slowly back out of the game.
AnythingsPossible 12:27 PM 08-08-2011
I have a group of kids that do the same thing!! They can be bouncing off the walls inside, so we all get ready to go out and they procede to sit on the patio furniture. I tell them to get up and go run, they can sit in the house!!
Unregistered 05:38 PM 08-08-2011
That's EXACTLY what happens here and it drives me crazy! They can't sit still for one minute in the house but get outside and they're as still as bumps on a stump!
Hunni Bee 06:17 PM 08-08-2011
Yup...they play "fight", run, yell, throw things, etc. in the building and as soon as we get outside "It's too hot out herrrrreeee....I'm thirssssssttyyyyyyyy...When is it going to be time to eeeeeaaat" ugh
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