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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>FAVORITE Calendar For The Kiddos?
Crazy In Mo 11:11 AM 01-11-2013
Looking for a calendar for my kiddos. Would like for it to have month/day/year and weather would be awesome too! What do you all use or recommend? Needs to be durable as always thank you all for your advice!!
Blackcat31 11:19 AM 01-11-2013
I use this one
Meeko 07:35 PM 01-11-2013
I have this one.
LaLa1923 10:09 PM 01-11-2013
I got mine from the dollar tree!! Maybe $5? Each item was $1, they had days of the week, weather, number days, different month headings etc......I'm getting mine laminated for like $1 @ our childcare resource room.
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