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DaycareMama 07:54 PM 01-27-2011
Do they make these anymore???? Cant find a site

DCMomOf3 08:10 PM 01-27-2011
do you mean this company?
DaycareMama 08:19 PM 01-27-2011
Yes I do! Thanks a bunch
Abigail 11:24 PM 01-27-2011
Is that calendar an alternative to Tom Copeland's Redleaf Press Calendar Keeper? I've never heard of it, but it has a cute picture on the site someone attached a link too. ( YUP, someone is going to think the cute picture actually sells the product....which it might, that is why it's ****, small young girls in bikini's standing next to a truck on tv)
sahm1225 06:10 AM 01-28-2011
LOL! I thought the same thing about the cute picture..

Can someone chip in and tell us if it's the similar one to Tom's calendar keeper? It's not a bad price and I love cutesy kids calendars
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