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Lianne 06:47 AM 01-12-2011
Once in awhile I have a child arrive that has been giving their parent trouble. It usually starts at home, carries through the ride here and the child is often rude and disrespectful to the parent at the door. This doesn't happen often and it's not just one child who does it. When a child arrives like this I let the parent try to work it out before they leave for the day but sometimes that doesn't work or it just escalates the attitude. At that point the parent lets me take over and leaves while I send the child to the chill out spot to calm down. Once they are calm we discuss their behaviour and disrespect towards their parent and how it affects the parent's start to the day. I then call the parent and have the child apologize for their behaviour and to say I love you.

I think doing this shows the child that I back up their parent and we won't tolerate the disrespect. It also helps to reset the day for both the child and the parent.

I had my 2yr old arrive like this this morning and my mother was here when we called the child's mother and he apologized. My mother thought I was dragging the situation out longer than necessary, that a 2yr old doesn't understand being sorry. I disagreed. This 2yr old was remorseful (he started to cry when apologizing) and while he may not get what "I'm sorry" fully means, it is a learning process and one that starts early.

I wondered what others thought about having the child call their parent to apologize after a rough start to the morning?
AmandasFCC 07:01 AM 01-12-2011
I think that's a great idea. It teaches the kids that it's important to correct problems, that they don't just "disappear", and it helps the parents feel better for their day too.

I disagree with the people who say that children don't understand some emotions. I think we underestimate children and their abilities. My 2 year old knows when I'm unhappy with her behaviour and asks me "Are you happy with me?" When I say no, she gives me a hug and apologizes, and corrects her behaviour.

I think what you're doing is beautiful
SandeeAR 07:02 AM 01-12-2011
I think it is a great idea too. When mine get older, if I have a behavior problem like that, I'll have to remember this idea.
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