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radhas 02:03 PM 07-14-2011
I applied for the Large Family Childcare. Now I need to send check for inspection fees, the letter does not say payable to whom. Do I have write a check payable to " City of San Jose - Fire" or " San Jose Fire Department" ? Please someone help. I left voicemail to the Inspector but no reply from him.
Michael 02:15 PM 07-14-2011
I would put City of San Jose. If not, they can always add Fire Department.
radhas 02:19 PM 07-14-2011
Thanks, I will do that. I plan to increase the capacity because 2 of girls in my center feels alone because 6 of them are boys. Planning to take just 1 or 2 girl(s) to give company to those.
Crystal 03:17 PM 07-14-2011
I would call and ask. It is different for each fire marshall.
Cat Herder 03:26 PM 07-14-2011
Call the Non-Emergent fire line. The person who answers will know the answer...or who does.
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