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momofboys 04:53 AM 02-06-2012
I know there have been threads on here about this previously but I am not good at using the search links. I currently charge @ $10/day for B/A care but one of my families has a mostly FT sibling so I am ok with the rate of $10 for the sibling. My other child only comes after school so she gets charged $10/day also, there is no sibling involved.

This fall my mostly FT family will just have their 2 kids here B & A (one is not in school currently but will begin K in the fall) but there is no way I will provide care for them for $20.00/day for 2 kids B & A. They arrive early -
6:20ish am - go to school about 8:35 & then are here about 1.25 hrs after school, so almost 3 1/2 hrs a day. Do you think $30/day would be out of line (or $15/child)?
AfterSchoolMom 05:27 AM 02-06-2012
I charge $16/day for BA care per child, so no, I don't find that out of line at all.
momofboys 05:48 AM 02-06-2012
AnneCordelia 05:55 AM 02-06-2012
It's all relative. I charge 35 a day for fulltime. BA care is 20 a day here.
momma2girls 07:10 AM 02-06-2012
YOu definately have to make it worth worthwhile!!
jojosmommy 07:40 AM 02-06-2012
It depends how much you charge for full time. Last week 1 dcf told me they knew they would have to pay the same rate when dcg goes to kindy. Lol, I was going to charge a little less b/c the kid is SA but not anymore! Lol.
cheeseheadmama 08:46 AM 02-06-2012
I currently have one after school kid and I charge $15 a day for 2 hours after school only; usually I charge $5/hour. School age kids bring the most drama and headaches so I tend to charge more. Plus, that is way cheaper than the in-school after school program that is offered here so it works.
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