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nolagavin 07:17 AM 12-23-2017
Hi there,
I am beginning the process of opening a daycare and wanted to get some info on the requirements for passing a fire inspection. Iím sure the requirements vary from State to State.
Right now Iím looking for a company that will install a hardwired fire detection system that will not rope me into a 3 year plan. I am based in Louisiana and wanted to hear from anyone who has a little knowledge in this area.... or more generally in relation to getting approval to open.

Thank you
Cat Herder 07:55 AM 12-23-2017
I am not familiar with Louisiana but added some tags that will take you to old threads on this topic. Hope that helps

Welcome to the forum!
nolagavin 08:05 AM 12-23-2017
Thank you so much!
Iíll get the hang of the forum soon enough!
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