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Maman_sub 04:30 AM 06-13-2018
Hi I am planning to buy an existing daycare center with around 75 kids currently enrolled. It will be a change of ownership. I am already researching about the history of this facility, wanted to know what kind of information or research will be needed before making an offer. Also the biggest concern is the tax return statements are not matching with the number of kids that they are saying currently enrolled. Is this concerning? Can this be an issue to negotiate the prices? Any input will be really helpful.
daycarediva 09:18 AM 06-13-2018
I've never purchased a daycare, but I have been a director.

What do you mean by tax returns aren't accurate? Is the gross matching enrollment for the previous year? The net with daycare can be significantly reduced based on operating expenses/deductions. Mine is about HALF my salary, and my center was similar.
Maman_sub 09:24 AM 06-20-2018
Looking for an operating daycare to buy. The seller is asking 850k for a 4,700 square feet facility with 35 kids enrolled. Is the price reasonable. Any inputs will help. It is in North Carolina state.
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