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Daycare and Taxes>Confused - MMK Question?
sahm1225 07:44 PM 01-11-2012
I am starting to enter my food expenses/reimbursements for 2011 in mmk.

I entered the reimbursements as 'other incomes' so my total income was just increased.

Then I entered the food expenses under the actual food expenses. Was that right? When I go to look at the schedule c summary, it shows the income but it's not giving me credit for the deductions! What am I doing wrong?

awestbrook713 08:41 AM 01-12-2012
Did you actually keep the "actual food expenses" or did you take the standard meal deduction for your state?

If you didn't then I believe you will have to look at the standard meal deduction and that will give you your deduction. When you kept attendance you should have marked what meals you fed the children each day and it will add up how many of each meal you served (minus your own children if you included them) and then it will multiply the total number of meals times the irs reimbursement rate and at the bottem should be the total food deduction.
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