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Unregistered 03:14 PM 04-24-2010
I will be getting my License next week and starting my daycare in 2 weeks. But I am trying to figure out what to do for Insurance what is a reasonable premium. And How often do you need to pay the taxes from your earnings?
MarinaVanessa 04:58 PM 04-24-2010
You do taxes yearly just like you normally do since you aren't in a retail type of business.

As for liability insurance that's just what you call a rider that you add to your home-owner's insurance (if you own) or to your renter's insurance (if you rent). I get mine through State Farm insurance and pay $75 a year in addition to my regular home-owner's insurance which covers six kids (what my license permits) and up to $300,000.
Daycare Mommy 05:19 PM 04-24-2010
$125 for a 500k rider on my homeowners through Statefarm. I do my taxes at tax time like normal. I don't make that much and have tons of deductibles so with my husbands income we still get returns every year.
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