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ruralchildcare 11:42 PM 07-06-2017
Where would I go to find a thorough and detailed list of requirements for home daycare in Virginia?

I have one question specifically about sleeping arangements for infants. Are playpens/ pack n plays considered safe sleeping options for infants or are full size cribs required to be considered safe? Are there options for smaller cribs if playpens are not acceptable or even other sleeping arrangements that would be acceptable? Would I have to get a mini crib that is designed for daycare centers or are there other options for smaller cribs that are more easily accessible/affordable?

I would like to stay unlicensed as I am able to do that in Virginia because I care for 4 or less children but I would still like to make sure that I am taking all safety precautions that licensed providers do protect myself and the children.

But I am unsure where to turn to get accurate, detailed, and up to date information.
KiwiKids 04:47 AM 07-07-2017
Here's the most updated resource I've found... no mesh sides allowed in licensed care.
KiwiKids 04:53 AM 07-07-2017
A minicrib would fit the regulations that I've read. I actually used minicribs with my own kids and then switched to toddler beds. They are very convenient size wise.
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