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TwinMama 08:31 AM 04-03-2019
Do any of you contribute to a retirement fund, or 401k?

My husband and I were just discussing what my options would be, and I thought I would find out what you all do.
morgan24 08:39 AM 04-03-2019
My husband contributed the maximum on his 401k to cover both of us. We also put a lump sum in a Roth IRA nice a year. Iím glad we did that that because he retired 2 years ago and I have 2 more to go and my social security isnít that much because of being self employed.
Cat Herder 08:47 AM 04-03-2019
Roth IRA.
LittleExplorers 11:58 AM 04-03-2019
We have ROTH, investments, my husband's 403b, and my PERA from my previous job. I am considering setting up a SEP as well. We like to diversify. I suggest meeting with a few financial planners and going from there.
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