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MommyMuffin 03:16 PM 07-14-2011
I have a 6 month old dcg who has always been a fussy baby but now that she is teething she cries non stop unless I hold her. Her parents are aware of how her days have been going. She has been here 4 months.

I know her teething will pass but she is a somewhat difficult baby anyway (fussy, wont sleep in a crib). I honestly dont want to deal with such a difficult baby. (I have my own newborn to take care of too).

The problem is that her parents found me before she was born and paid me 500 to hold the spot for 5 months. They also live 3 doors down from us. I dont want any resentment or hurt feelings.

My nephew is the same age as this dcg and he is the easiest baby in the world and my aunt is looking for care. I would love to have him here because he is a sweet and easy going baby and he is family.

What should I do? How should I go about it? I dont have 500 to give back to the family. Please give your advice.
afmama 03:19 PM 07-14-2011
I would keep the baby for a while longer to see if the "teething" passes. But talk to the parents NOW about your doubts. That way if you do give notice in the next few weeks they won't be totally shocked.

For sure don't tell them you want to swap out for the "easier" baby haha!!

Do the parents/your license allow you to give tylenol for teething? Sometimes that does wonders.
Cat Herder 03:20 PM 07-14-2011
Originally Posted by MommyMuffin:
I have a 6 month old dcg who has always been a fussy baby but now that she is teething she cries non stop unless I hold her. Please give your advice.
IMHO, It is not teething if she stops when you pick her up.

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

I know it is hard to do after listening to crying day in and day out.
Blackcat31 03:26 PM 07-14-2011
If they gave you $500 to hold the spot, is it suppose to be refundable if it was meant to do exactly what it did...saved her spot? I also think holding a spot doesn't guarantee that you will forever keep the child, especially because you have/had no way of knowing how difficult she was going to be. I also do not buy that it is teething because why would her teeth stop hurting simply because you are holding her?

I would have an honest and open discussion with the parents and explain that it is not a good thing for their dd and you or your other dck's to be in a situation that is stressful for everyone involved. See if you guys can come to some solution before it gets worse. If the dcg is just not fitting in with you and your group, I wouldn't hesitate to let her go.
youretooloud 03:36 PM 07-14-2011
She actually won't sleep in a crib?

If you choose to keep her, it might be time for a little Love and Logic. (AKA tough love)
grandmom 03:42 PM 07-14-2011
Yup, sounds like she needs to be put down and cio. She has trained you well to hold her.
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