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MamaBear 10:54 AM 08-21-2011
So on my daycare facebook page, I post super cute pictures of the kids for the parents... sometimes daily or a couple time a week. My facebook page is very protected and private and I only keep the recent parents as friends on there.

I used these apps on my iPhone for this one DCG's picture and they came out so cute. I did that black & white thing where you can make just parts of it color... Turned out so cute! I posted on FB and later that day I noticed that the dad had saved the picture into his computer and reposted on his FB wall as if it was his own making. Thats fine... BUT people were complimenting what a great picture it was and "Wow" and "your a great photographer", etc and the dad took credit for it!!!! He said "thanks! I try! and he never once said anything like "Oh yeah - her daycare provider took this" or anything!!!!

If he had tagged the picture then I could just untag him, but he completely copied the picture off my FB page so I cant do anything about it. I was so irritated by him not saying anything about who really took it so I commented on it "Wow, great picture!" and he didn't even acknowledge who took it still! Ugh.

My teenage son had great advice though... I went thru ALL my pictures on FB and added my daycare's name printed onto each photo... so if they try to take the pictures, it will have my name printed on it. I guess they could still try to crop it out, but it wouldn't look as good.

I dont mind them taking the pictures of their kids, but isn't it rude how he takes credit for the pictures and doesn't even thank me? This was a temporary family though & leaving in 2 weeks, so the day shes gone I will be deleting them anyway.

Just wanted to vent... Sheesh.
Sunshine44 11:48 AM 08-21-2011
I'd comment and say Hey, that's my handiwork! with a on the end. He probably doesn't even realize you are seeing it.
CheekyChick 01:32 PM 08-21-2011
A lot of my DKP's put my pictures on their walls. NONE have claimed they took the picture. How completely RUDE is that???
Danielle 01:57 PM 08-21-2011
Putting your name on pictures might not help either. I watermark all my pictures in my blog with my url where you can't crop it out. I found one of my pictures on another person's blog being used as their own.
Crazy8 03:27 PM 08-21-2011
totally rude that he didn't even fess up when you posted!!! I would have probably commented saying "glad everyone liked the picture I took of your dd this week".

BTW.... what app did you use to edit the pic??
MamaBear 04:45 PM 08-21-2011
Thats a good idea saying something about that I'm glad everyone likes the picture I took... Its been a couple days now and so it feels kinda too late. It just irritates that he took the compliments and owned them. I would think he knows I see it since hes on my daycares friend list. But maybe hes a ding dong and doesnt realize it.

I totally dont mind them reposting the picture... but just give credit where credit is due... Oh well. I put my name on all the pictures now.

I use a lot of different apps on my iPhone but this one in particular I used "Color Dash"... I LOVE CamWow though. You should try them.
cheerfuldom 08:15 PM 08-21-2011
why not post something like "hey I am so glad you liked it! I really had fun with my new app creating that great picture of little Susie". I would post something like that. I know its passive aggressive but hey, they are leaving anyway
Kaddidle Care 09:15 PM 08-21-2011
Originally Posted by LittleDiamonds:
totally rude that he didn't even fess up when you posted!!! I would have probably commented saying "glad everyone liked the picture I took of your dd this week".
I agree - or "Gee copy/paste is kinda tough huh? Glad you tried so hard - hope it didn't hurt ya!"
MamaBear 10:38 AM 08-22-2011
I ended up putting "I'm so glad to see that you guys really like this picture of ***** that I took here at the daycare! I love using the apps on my iPhone and this one came out super cute"... hehehe

They never responded But I felt better after putting that on there! lol
Kaddidle Care 10:54 AM 08-22-2011
I love reading the comments under photos on people's facebook pages. My husband's cousin had a pic and someone commented about the "Old Guy Creeper" behind her taking a picture. It was her Uncle/my Father In Law! HAHAHA! Hubby and I had a good chuckle over that. Now I have a new nickname for him.
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