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awestbrook713 10:51 AM 01-09-2012
I have 9 kids that I watch. I sent out schedules to all my parents last year in october so they could write down what days I have who and I could make sure I was never over my numbers. I had one mom who only needed me tuesdays and fridays but when she came back from maternity leave they had changed schedules and she needs me every other wednesday. I told her I only have room for one of her children, and she knew that. The end of december we were having issues with her just txting me that dad was gonna drop the baby off early so he could get "stuff" done, no notice nothing so I told her something needed to change so she just decided to change drop off times ( i have a set daily rate so it doesn't matter if the baby is here 1 hour or 8), well she also snuck onto the older daughters paper that she would need me every other wednesday in the summer. I have no room for the daughter, shes gonna have to deside who she wants me to watch and find alternative care for the other or take both somewhere else that day. I am going to have to bring it to her attention tomorrow night at pick up, I'm really dreading a confrontation with her but am prepared for the worst. What would you say to this mom that sounds professional and nice, I am getting to the point its hard being nice to 2 of my daycare moms this being one of them because all they do is complain. I just need some guidance and am hoping you guys can give it to me.
awestbrook713 10:53 AM 01-09-2012
Oh I forgot I had another mom with an infant email me today and asking about me watching her child on mondays, I would be taking a $25 to $50 loss a week but if other mom gives me to much trouble I was thinking I will just term problem mom and take on this new one, and maybe if she likes it here enough I could watch the baby more often, the only reason it sounds like shes only asking for monday is bc I had told her I was full on infants.
kidkair 11:58 AM 01-09-2012
I would have handed the papers back and have her sign papers that did not include either child on Wednesdays. When you get the papers right then you can tell the person who e-mailed you that you also have room on Wednesdays if that is the case.

I do contracts for a year and fill out all their renewal contracts and schedules for them. If they need something changed then they need to give me 2 weeks notice of the change and we need to fill out a new contract. I also check each contract over and sign after the parent does.

I also have a daily rate which lets the parents pick their drop off/pick up time each day. I never care when they drop off or pick up provided it's within the hours I told them I was open.
awestbrook713 12:35 PM 01-09-2012
I don't know why I didn't catch it when she handed them to me, actually it was dad that dropped them off and hes just responsible for dropping the child off he doesn't handle anything else. Mom doesn't like things to not go her way and is very outspoken to the point she gets a bit bossy with a big attitude and up until recently I didn't like standing up to her but I decided enough is enough. I will be talking to her tomorrow and hoping everything works out but if it doesnt atleast I have a way to make up some of the lost income.
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