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Unregistered 01:09 PM 11-22-2013
I just opened a daycare and i have had a few ask me if am willibg to take payments from the state, i.e. in California. I was just wondering how the state paying worked. And also how much the state pays.
I have heard it takes a long time to get paid. Is this true?
TwinKristi 01:14 PM 11-22-2013
There are several "state" programs and subsidy programs as well through CA and not all of them take that long to pay. I've worked with 4C's and PACE-APP and both had sign in sheets you turn in at the end of the month and they pay you by the 20th of the next month. So you would turn in November's logs by Dec 5th and you would get a check by Dec 20th or something like that. Sometimes it's a full month plus to get paid. Their reimbursement rates depend on if you're licensed and the age of the child, under 2 has the highest rate, school age has the lowest. I think they pay a max of $45 here for infants but this varies by county.
dbslas 05:15 PM 11-22-2013
We accept state pay programs. Have dealt with YMCA and CDA. Also have Head Start, but that is a Government program. Pay is generally quick, provided you turn in your sign-in sheets on time and they are filled out correctly each month. What they pay varies. For the parent we have now, the YMCA pays up to a certain amount of the weekly rate, and the parent is required to pay the difference.
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