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SilverSabre25 07:33 AM 03-14-2014
For the first time ever, i scheduled myself a Spring Break! And it starts in 8 hours! It sort of snuck up on me (I forgot about it entirely until two days ago).

I'm closed Monday and Tuesday. DH took off those days too so we're going to spend the next four days hanging out and doing fun things. We're hoping to take the kids to a science museum and the zoo, and do some nice hanging out relaxing at home too. And I have some plans for rearranging the main room too....

And sure, I have housework and stuff to occupy my time for the next 8 hours, but it's still tedious in the extreme. 15 times worse than a "typical" Friday.

7 hours, 58 minutes...
TaylorTots 07:43 AM 03-14-2014
Sounds like fun!! I have a Spring Break of sorts - I have no babies/toddlers for a week. Still have preschoolers and school agers during our Spring Break but no diapers, no bottles and sippys, no picking up toys after the "grab and dump" 12m old and tons of too-small-for toddler toys.
Blackcat31 07:51 AM 03-14-2014
Silver that is fantastic!!!!!

You so deserve to have a couple days off...and to spend it with your whole family is definitely a plus!

Good for you!! I hope the weather is nice and everyone is healthy and happy so that you can enjoy your break to it's fullest!!!
CraftyMom 08:46 AM 03-14-2014
That sounds great!!
llpa 08:47 AM 03-14-2014
Hope you have an amazing and fun time off!! You deserve it!
SilverSabre25 08:51 AM 03-14-2014
THanks everyone! Usually I would go from January 1 until Memorial Day without a single break and it was way too much. I finally learned my lesson! It's coming about just about the perfect time, too. The weather might not be glorious yet but I'm losing my mind
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