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TwinMama 07:28 AM 08-30-2019
Tuesday of this week I had Mom bring in dcb. He had a "pimple" on his lip. Mom and I both assumed it was from his pacifier. I put him down for his morning nap and when he woke up it had spread.

So I called Mom to pick him up and Grandma came to get him and was like "I'll tell her we better get him in right away." Grandma even mentioned that she shouldn't have brought him in on Monday, because he's got a bad cough/cold. (No fever)

Yeh....Mom said they would wait and see how it is the next day before they take him in. She claims the doctor said it's not contagious, but they don't know what it is.

She's had him out the rest of the week and tried to bring him today. It's worse and she hasn't taken him to the doctor because he's been in a good mood.

I could tell when she walked in the door that she knew they shouldn't be there.

My daughter asked to hug the baby and her response was "are you sure you want to?"

I sent her home.

No payment for the week yet, but DH (dear husband) said if she doesn't pay me for the whole week just part ways, because we're sick of their drama. We've had issues with them before.

How do I handle this?
Tags:enforcing policies - consistency