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dolores 12:13 PM 02-18-2020
My home does not qualify for home insurance from the standard companies i.e. State farm, AllState etc because of my in home daycare. They all explicitly tell me so. Some may do it if you have 6 or less kids but I am licensed for 12-16. I go through a broker to obtain building insurance and business liability insurance which together are very expensive. Both are getting close to renewal. I've contacted many on Tom Copeland's list and have been unsuccessful. I wanted to know...what insurance company do you use that is ok with inhome daycare?
Blackcat31 12:29 PM 02-18-2020
Cat Herder 12:50 PM 02-18-2020
I used USAA, but they did have some dog breed restrictions for me and my State only allows 6.
vlouie574 10:28 PM 02-24-2020
I use Allstate and they allowed me me to have the home daycare, it even states it in my policy as Home Day Care with $300k aggregate. The policy only covers a handful of kids so I have an additional liability policy with NEIS for up to 12 kids for 1mil/3mil coverage.

I say go to another Allstate location and ask again. But it is quite possible that every area is different. This is the link for the separate liability company

They also do home insurance as well. You can ask them as well. Good luck!
SpringBear 08:46 AM 02-25-2020
I just got licensed and getting insurance through Assure Child Care was super quick and easy. My homeowner's didn't cover me, but our local agency, Amherst Insurance (in MA) was really good about finding a new company for homeowners, and it ended up almost $100 cheaper than what I was currently paying!
Their daycare insurance didn't cover dogs (dog could be there, but no liability for them), unless I went with a plan that cost twice as much. Assure was no problem and very reasonable.
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