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Sunchimes 12:29 PM 03-28-2020
Not exactly taxes, but this seemed like the best forum for my question. I closed down my home daycare on Wednesday on the advice of my doctor. I am 66 and have one of the high risk health issues. I don't have a formal letter from him, but he messaged me through his portal and said I should close then, or at the latest when we got our first local case (which happened Friday.)

I know that on your blog you said we qualified if "You have been advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine due to concerns related to the virus". Is this separate from the closure due to having or being exposed to the virus?
Do I need a letter from him? Would the portal message serve. He's really too busy now to write letters. My parents aren't paying me because I closed before we got a shelter in place order here. I looked at the Texas workforce to apply online, but it asks my last employer etc and doesn't seem applicable to us.

I appreciate any guidance.
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