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My4SunshineGirlsNY 05:54 PM 06-21-2010
School is out in 2 days here and I'm already stressing how busy it will be. I have 4 of my own girls plus almost full with my daycare numbers. My daycare kids are 19month boy, 2 year boy, 4 year boy, 6 & 9 year old sisters.

Ever feel like you took in more than what you can handle?? It's not so difficult when the school kids are in school but when they are all out it can get so busy.

I started my daycare business so I could be with my kids..teach them and watch them grow (not to mention I don't trust many people ;-) )...but at times, especially during the summer, I feel as though I am spending more time watching and taking care of my younger daycare kids...changing diapers, cleaning up after their messes, and keeping them safe and out of trouble.

The couple of hours when the school kids get off the bus until parent pick up seems so busy....I have found myself putting my kids on the back burner just to keep up with the little ones. I know it sounds simple to downsize (still thinking about it), but it took me a while to build clients...I would not want to make a mistake and let them go and find myself financially strapped again.

Just feeling like I'm not getting that quality time with my own children that I dreamed of...anyone else feel the same way?
booroo 06:30 PM 06-21-2010
Yep my kids are always if we have kids today!! Of course I did take in dck that are well not so nice, so It makes for some long days... But I do make sure that sat and sun are special days.. Plus my kid still get to do stuff... Plus I made sure to take some fridays off sowecould go camping and my parents!!
boysx5 03:57 AM 06-22-2010
I start next month with having seven full timers plus my own five boys so I'm enjoying the last few weeks so peace. I must say everyone has been good but one girl who will be six this week whatever I do is never good enough for her. I am ready to tell the mom that she needs to find other care but I also have her sibling who is two and I don't want to lose her. We have just been trying to keep busy now when the other three start in two weeks I may be pulling my hair out of my head
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