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brookeroo 09:41 AM 08-09-2012
When do you guys decide to call a parent over a rash?

I have one that is about 24 weeks old. When I laid him down he was dry. I always check them before they lay down. When he woke up I went in and he had pooped. I went to change him and he had blown out. He has diaper rash now also. I went to change his outfit and he has a small rashy patch on his belly about the size of an egg aside from his diaper rash. This is not in the diaper region. He is breast fed so I can't really tell that it's diarrhea since it's always pretty liquidy or pasty anyway.

Seems in a good mood and no fever. I don't know if it's teething since he got his first tooth like a month ago ...but I can't figure out the spot on his stomach. I'm not seeing any anywhere else other than these tiny little speckles under his belly button. I checked the rest of his body and no rash or sores that I can tell.
countrymom 11:17 AM 08-09-2012
I would keep him dry, sometimes a blow out will cause a rash. Also, make sure the spot is dry and don't use wipes to wipe it down. I was also taught to measure it, and if it gets worse, you have have proof.
texascare 02:21 PM 08-09-2012
Put some Aquafor on it if you have some.
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