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Abigail 08:31 AM 05-22-2013
I have a 6 panel baby safety gate for right now by North States setup in my main play area for one infant. Next week I'll have two infants and need more space and so I want to buy 2 sets of these gates, but I need to switch to a different company because this gate doesn't have an actual gate to walk-thru and if I have a larger area for babies I need a gate to walk-thru to get a child since I will not be able to bend over and reach them if they're 4 feet away.

Here are my options I've found. I'm going to order through Bed Bath and Beyond because I can use 20% off coupon. Please let me know if you have used either of these two options and what you like didn't like.
This has the square look to the gates, $65
This has the "jail" striped look to the gates, also $65

Whichever gate I buy I will buy two of so I can connect however many I need to make a larger safe area where none of my one year olds can reach over and drop a toy on a baby. THANKS

(This is what I currently have, just six panels. I know I could just buy another one to add lots more space but it's recommended that we have an area to walk-thru so it's not a tripping hazard.

I've considered just using an actual gate and shelves but I re-arrange too much to make it work.
Cradle2crayons 09:53 AM 05-22-2013
The only difference I see between the two besides the striped part is that the first one is 30 inches tall and the second one is only 26 inches tall.... Not sure if that matters.

I don't have any sort of play yard. My small ones get free reign of the front play area and they don't have access to the older kid play area.
Oneluckymom 10:03 AM 05-22-2013
I JUST bought this one. First it's metal and heavier therefore can't be pushed or moved by older babies AND more importantly cannot be climbed because the bars are vertical.
Abigail 12:17 PM 05-22-2013
I just wonder if the door part of either is easier to use or harder or if I an not able to connect both together if I tried. I noticed the height difference and the taller the better.

I have a metal gate at the bottom of the stairs and the kids shake it maybe 1-2 times a day (drives me nuts!) listening to the sound of it shake is horrible, lol. I also want something that can be taken outside and not worry about the rain so I will stick with a plastic for now.

No one so far has either of these with doors?
MrsSteinel'sHouse 10:30 AM 05-23-2013
You have what I have I like to use it outside too so if I were you I would keep it for that purpose. How close in age are the two babies. You might need two separate areas if one is tough on the other. I train the older ones that they can NOT hand the babies anything because I have to wash them first
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