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Ariana 09:56 AM 05-26-2016
How serious is a non blanching rash? Dcm shows up today with child who has severe bug bites all over her head and neck. The child has scratched them so much they look infected. On her forehead she has a rash which is not blanching when pressed. Mom has no idea where this rash came from and is not the least bit concerned. I have never seen a rash like this before and Dr. Google is scaring me to death because it looks like meningitis rash.

Anyway mom has been called to pick up but how serious is this type of rash...from a non google standpoint?
daycarediva 10:34 AM 05-26-2016
Can you post a picture?

I send home for any type of undiagnosed rash. I need a dr note.
MunchkinWrangler 10:36 AM 05-26-2016
Definitely request a dr note before returning.
KiwiKids 10:49 AM 05-26-2016
I would be worried about the bites becoming infected with a staph infection. One of my dcgs years ago had that happen and needed an antibiotic cream to clear it up. The bites looked infected and the skin in the surrounding area became red.
Ariana 04:27 PM 05-26-2016
I would post pics but I have no clue how to do it without a hosting site.

She took the kid to the DR and he said it was just "irritation" from something, like heat, hat or bed sheets. WTF?! I never heard of such a thing in my life. Localized purplish non blanching rash as being a skin irritation?
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