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mac60 03:46 AM 06-15-2009
When you have 2 kids from same family, a 3 yr old and a 5 yr old that will go to kindy 1/2 days. Do you give a sibling discount for the kindy?

My ft rate is $85 for 1 child.
My kindy rate is $65 for 1 child.
Do you give a discount to the second child that is in kindy?

How often do you do rate increases on families you have for over 2 and 3 years?
tymaboy 06:00 AM 06-15-2009
I do not give sibling discounts. I figure each child takes the same amount of space & care - well sometimes they take more care then another & its really nice if you get a child that is just easy going & goes with whatever flow for that day. I have only had my child care for 2 yrs. When I revised my policy this yr & went to a daily rate instead of an hourly, I left my existing parents at their current rate, mainly cuz they are good parents & I have never had any kind of issues with them. If they were the type of parent to take advantage of me in anyway then I probably would have raised their rates. I have the families sign a new contract every yr & it is stated in the contract that I can raise the rates every yr if I see fit.
Texasjeepgirl 01:41 PM 06-22-2009
I LOVE this question..

I currently have 4 sets of siblings in my daycare.
Two of the sets are DOUBLE COUSINS to each other...
Stay with me on this one...
Mom #1 has two daughters...
ages 3 and 4.
Mom #2 is the sister to MOM #1...
she has 3 year old girl and 4 year old boy..

The dad's of these children..
Dad #1 is dad to both children of MOM #1
Dad dad to both children of MOM #2..
it's crazy..
and the kids are BEST FRIENDS one minute...and WORST ENEMIES the next..
I should be charging DOUBLE for all of them...
NOt really...they are great kids..but..I had to really think long and hard before I took the second set (mom #2)...

I do NOT give sibling discount.
I agree with the previous post..
Having sets of siblings usually means MORE work...because of the dynamics of the situation.
Chickenhauler 03:36 PM 06-23-2009
It really depends on at what level of "full" your hands are....two kids in your care @ a slight discount are generating much more revenue than one.

Then take into consideration that you're dealing with one set of parents rather than two (communication, drop off and pick up, etc), and sometimes sibling discounts make good business cents.
Unregistered 10:03 AM 06-24-2009
I do not give sibling discounts mainly because my license holds only so many spots. Two kids, two placement spots taken, two children charged. Most families understand. Plus, even with a discount, it would still cost them more to go to a center with both kids.

Your giving them more at a home in regard to care and out-of-pocket expenses. You deserve the full rate.
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