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Stacy214 12:03 PM 06-20-2011
hey ya'll,

What do you charge to hold a spot? It would be for an infant and I have had his brother for almost 3 yrs (big brother is going to preschool)...the baby isn't born yet but due in I'm thinking there will be a 3-4 month span where I will be out of income for this one spot. I adore this family and the infant will be a great addition to my daycare. So I don't want to go overboard with a price but I need to get something.
Michael 01:49 PM 06-20-2011
Here are some threads that may help:
wdmmom 01:53 PM 06-20-2011
I require a month's payment to hold for 3 months. 1/2 is applied to the first 2 weeks and 1/2 is applied to the last 2 weeks of daycare.

Usually because it's a large chunk of money, I split it up and have them pay it over the course of 6 weeks or so.
Stacy214 02:00 PM 06-20-2011
Ahh thank you!!!!!
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