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SilverSabre25 02:00 PM 06-27-2011
I'm changing my vacation policy and switching to having no paid vacation and very few holidays off. This is because it's a fight to get paid every time I take a day off, and for the holidays, few of my families get any paid time off or even holidays off and I keep having arguments with them about this.

I also want to raise my rates by $5/week/child. This will cover the days I take off and hopefully provide me with a nice big bonus at the end of the year. I am also considering $10/week/child (or $2/day/child) but I'm afraid that might be too much.

My question is...I'm thinking of having the rate change take effect January 1st but don't know when to tell them about it. I don't know whether I should have the vacation policy take affect now or in January.
Meyou 02:15 PM 06-27-2011
My last rate raise was for $2.50/day and I eliminated part time care. I have 4 weeks notice from the date I passed the letter out until the date the changes started.
grandmom 03:43 PM 06-27-2011
I think you need to give 2 weeks more notice than the parent needs to give you to leave. So, if you require a month's notice, then you should give them six weeks notice of a rate increase. That way they do not feel slammed into the new rate.
Blackcat31 03:45 PM 06-27-2011
I make changes in January as well but I usually don't notify parents until two weeks (at the very minimum) before hand. I guess I do it that way so that they are given the standard two weeks notice. Even if I know of any upcoming changes, I try to only give them out in January so that I am not constantly bombarding them with new stuff...kwim?

(Unless of course the changes are necessary immediately.)

As far as the vacation changes go, I wouldn't make those either until you plan on making the rate change because the new rates will be based off of less vacation right? So since they go hand in hand, I think notice at the same time will be appropriate.
Pammie 04:04 PM 06-27-2011
I set all of my rates/vacation policy changes to go into effect in January each year - makes my bookkeeping easier.

I give all of my clients notice with my October newsletter - as most of them have until November 1 to set their flexpay spending accounts for the next year, and like to maximize their withholdings.
melissa ann 04:48 PM 06-27-2011
I update my rates/policies to go into effect Aug 1. I don't like to do it around holidays. I give out the new infor. a July 1, and parents have 2 weeks to sign. If not, the end of July will be their last. My daycare year froms from Aug 1-july 31
sharlan 04:50 PM 06-27-2011
I would give 4 weeks notice.
sharlan 04:51 PM 06-27-2011
I like the idea of making changes August 1.
Cat Herder 05:40 PM 06-27-2011
I always renew contracts in January. I do this whether or not there are any changes for the upcoming year. (Usually due to someone doing something stupid like every other rule in civilization )

Attached to their new contracts I give a shorter, bulleted, sheet (think cliff notes on crack) with the changes outlined and a FAQ section including them.

It makes it easier for them to find and fully understand the changes and means much less transition and "bargaining" time for me to deal with each year.

I give them out in Mid-December and require them in hand before attending the first day after the Christmas Break.
Michael 06:33 PM 06-27-2011
Some more threads on Rate Change Notifications:
55CMK83 08:37 PM 06-28-2011
I do any revisions to my policy/payments on January 1 and June 1 (every 6mo) - this is also stated in my handbook. I always give 30 day notice of what changes will be taking place on these dates. For June/July/August I always raise my rates for "summer" ($10/wk) for extra activities, zoo pass & pool pass. September 1, it goes back to the regular rate.
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