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SunflowerMama 06:54 PM 06-30-2010
I know this was briefly discussed in another post but I had a somewhat similar question. Ok so I have a family paying the weekly rate ($150) per month to hold their spot until mom starts teaching in September. I won't be watching the little girl at all until September.

I have another family that will also be starting in September when mom goes back but they are interested in attending a few days a week until then just to get adjusted.

My holding fee is just the weekly rate so should I just not charge her a holding fee and just have them pay my $30/day drop-in rate? Because if I just charge her $150 for the month that's really only 5 days of care. Or should I charge her the holding fee and once they have used 5 days of care start charging a drop-in rate?

Sorry I've just never had this situation but I know a lot of you definitely have so I'm just trying to find the most simple solution .
momma2girls 07:18 PM 06-30-2010
What I do is- if they are already utilizing my daycare ex. teacher's children not coming in the summer, I have a 2 week deposit to hold their spot.
If a family would like to use me for their daycare, ex. pregnant and want me to hold a spot for let's say 4-5 months- I now have went to one week per month as a holding deposit. I just started doing this as I held a spot for 10 month for a family on only a 2 week deposit- I had an opening for an infant at that time they signed on. BOy I gave them a huge deal, and they knew it- I lost like $5-6,000.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never again!!!!!
JenNJ 08:11 AM 07-01-2010
I would charge the weekly holding rate and if they use more than 5 days, charge the $30 per day.
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