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Pandaluver21 12:29 PM 09-28-2018
So I charge a 50% holding fee plus 2 week deposit, but was wondering if it differs for part time?

If they were needing full time, I wouldn't really care either way because I just wouldn't worry about filling anything... but this family needs MWF, so I would want to try to fill my TTH. However, if for some reason the family backs out, then I will need to find another MWF instead of just filling for full time.
Does that make sense?

BrightBeginnings2014 02:17 PM 10-05-2018
I would. I have everyone pay a $50 no refundable fee to hold spots. I guess The only time I don't do it is if a current family is having a baby and already has a child with me...I don't make them pay the fee.
Lovisa 11:47 AM 10-07-2018
My clients pay a 50% holding fee for a full time tuition rate regardless of them eventually getting a part time spot. I figure, I am holding a spot for them that would potentially be a full time spot if someone else were to take it. I haven't had anyone say anything about it.
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