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Stacy214 11:25 AM 03-14-2011
Who does this? I want to but not sure where to start. I saw an add on TV for the "Baby Bullet"....GOOD? Or is there a different/less expensive product? Any thoughts? I feel like it would be "obviously" better for the babies (I have 2 dc ) plus the savings outstanding, right? What are your experiences, good and bad? I just started the food program and she of course recommended making my own. I don't mind of course, just not sure what foods are the best, etc
JenNJ 11:37 AM 03-14-2011
All you need is a regular food processor. Lightly steam veggies and fruits to soften them and then throw them in the food processor. Pour the food into an ice cube tray, cover with foil, and freeze until solid. Pop the food cubes out into a freezer container or bag, label, and put back in the freezer. Each cube is approximately one ounce of baby food.
Maddy'sMommy 04:39 PM 03-14-2011
I want a baby bullet! But with the shipping costs and the duty to get it into Canada it's not worth it.

I've heard through the grapevine that walmart will be carrying it soon, at least here in Canada.

Hamilton Beach makes one called Bebe that I saw at Babies R Us today.
Stacy214 07:35 PM 03-14-2011
Thanks ya'll, I agree , it's sooo expensive. I went to Walmart tonight but found nothing, yet. I will try Babies R us though.

also, another question....I love the idea of the ice cube trays but have been reading about some chemical in certain plastics ? idk....ugh
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