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Old 01-23-2013, 07:06 PM
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Default Child Vomited. Return The Next Day?

I currently only care for one child. She was not herself at all today, only ate a little breakfast and nothing after it, and vomited twice after naptime. When I asked how she was tonight, her mom said she seems to be a little better but still not eating, and vomited (only) once at home, and has no fever. And that she'd talk to me in the morning... like as in she'll let me know if she'll be coming tomorrow. So if I had any other children in my care I'd say absolutely not, but since it's just me (her childcare provider), is it okay for her to bring her tomorrow? I don't want to get sick and then have to cancel on HER, but I know she also doesn't have any more days off she can take at work. There's a bad stomach virus going around, so I'm afraid that's what this is, but since she's just vomiting and lethargic, I don't know for sure.... What would you do if she was your only child in care?
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Old 01-23-2013, 07:09 PM
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Child stays home, kids don't want to be at daycare when they are not feeling good. It shouldn't be your problem that mom doesn't have anymore days off of work. With everything going around this year i wouldn't chance it. You've already been exposed to whatever she has so if it's a stomach virus you may get it.
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Old 01-23-2013, 07:09 PM
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do you hve any of your own kids?

even if you don't, I would not do it, one you dont want to get sick and two, when you do get more kids this parent will not understand why she could come sick before but cant now.

unless you plan to always offer ill childcare I would say no..

plus what if this childs illness gets worse? now the liabilty is out on you,,,,,, Sorry for all the typos im on my ipad...
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Old 01-24-2013, 07:40 AM
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Isolated vomiting (maybe indigestion) they can return. Repeated occurrance (more than 2 times) is possibly a gastro virus and should stay home until 24-48 hours without vomiting/diarrhea.
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Old 01-24-2013, 07:44 AM
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If she vomited at say 6pm at home, then she don't come back the next day. If she vomits at any time that day, they don't come the next. They need to be vomit/fever free for 24 full hours. I know it sucks, but you need to think of yourself too. You don't want to get sick, do you?
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Old 01-24-2013, 07:45 AM
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I have a min. 24 hr rule in my contract. Meaning a child cannot return to care until they have not been sick/had the runs for at least 24 hours. So, since this little one was sick at home after pick-up, she cannot return until at least 24 hrs. after that time has past. She would not be back the next day and if she is sick again during the following day with her Mom, then she would be off the next day too.

I know you say you have no other children right now, but what about you? If you become ill from this child, you are the forced to closed and maybe lose the pay too depending on your contract.
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Old 01-24-2013, 08:11 AM
AnneCordelia AnneCordelia is offline Member
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My rule is 24 hours after the last vomiting episode the child may return. If I can avoid exposure and potentially not get a stomach bug then I protect everyone in my house. I protect my income, by not needing to close (which would put this mom out definitely to stay home again for you). It protects my husband and his job, because he could potentially contract it too. I also require parents to pay for their sick days but not mine. By her staying home I don't lose income, but I could potentially lose income if I have to close for my own sickness.
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Old 01-24-2013, 08:53 AM
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If I were you, and had no children, and are able to keep her isolated (ie lying on the couch) I would do it. Make sure you was your hands frequently, and let mom know that you will do it this time, but when your daycare fills up, the rule will be ***. (ie 24 hrs after last symptom)
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Old 01-24-2013, 12:19 PM
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My rule is stay home BUT if I have no other children in care and none of my own I would consider it.
It will wait
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