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Daycare Center and Family Home Forum>Child Needs Extra Care But I Just Don't Know What It Is... Ideas?
Mrs. CC 08:00 AM 10-31-2011
Last week was my first week with my newest DCK. This child is a foster child who came to me 3 days after s/he was removed from his/her family's home. I can not list the details but this little one (12 months old) comes from a very different environment than the one we have in our house.

DCK has had a tough time here. Lots of tears, screaming, throwing self on the floor, continually wanting to be held and screaming if set down.

I do lots of playing on the floor with the children. We do most things together (except nap/quiet time), so I have DCK sit next to me while playing. This doesn't help. Still screams and cries.

Last week Wed-Fri were much better with Thursday and Friday producing smiles, chuckles and many less tears.

All of this to ask if anyone can think of things I can do to help DCK adjust to all the changes in his/her life.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!
awestbrook713 08:05 AM 10-31-2011
Just be there for him, I can't imagine how scared he must be feeling. The little guy just needs your love and understanding that he is going through probably one of the biggest transitions in his life.
Nellie 08:14 AM 10-31-2011
I think you are doing every thing that you can. I can only imagine how scary it must be for him to be removed from his home, be placed in foster care then go to daycare. Hopefully he is getting lots of TLC at the foster cares home. He will get better as he has a little more stability and it will be easier for you to have him get more independent.
Meyou 08:14 AM 10-31-2011
He sounds like he's doing ok to me if he started to settle down a little by the end of the week. I like to give a new baby 2 weeks at least where I have no expectations but I continually use the same happy voice with the rules, routine and phrases over and over and over. They need some time to adjust. Keep at it! It sounds like you're getting through to him already.
meganlavonnesmommy 08:32 AM 10-31-2011
It sounds like you're on the right track, and doing a great job already. I would just give it more time. I had a child start a month ago that was new to care, had huge seperation issues from Mom and sister (schoolage child that goes to school during the day). It took about 4 weeks for her to adjust. Each day was better, and now a month and a half later she is awesome!
sharlan 08:53 AM 10-31-2011
This little one has no stability. Right now you spend more time with him than anyone else. Just be very patient and take it day by day.
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