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providerandmomof4 04:40 PM 08-30-2012
Okay guys...I read about screamers all the time and now I have one! I was wondering if those of you with experience with having little screamers, have any good stories about how they eventually adjusted beautifully. Haha...I stared caring for my granddaughter while my daughter is in school and I swear she has cried 5 of the eight hrs in care, for this entire week. My nerves are shot. The other dck's nerves are shot...Please someone tell me that this will get better. I know that my d holds and plays with her constantly, and also breastfeeds, so this is a huge adjustment for dc grandbaby. My new little 8mth dcg has started screaming anytime my granddd screams, which is almost constant. This dcg never cries and I'm scared that she is having a horrible experience with all the crying. Not to mention my 2 and 3yr olds in care. I cannot term (obviously) I can only hope that she starts adjusting
Michael 04:40 PM 08-30-2012
daycare 05:13 PM 08-30-2012
I have had one, and the only way that it worked out was that the parents had to get on board with me and STOP rocking the baby to sleep, holding all of the time and so on. Basically they were still attachment parenting and trying to have him in group care and it was not working.

so I talked to the parents, they agreed and within two weeks it was all said and done and baby adjusted..
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