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Abigail 06:57 PM 02-09-2011
At what age do you stop taking a child to the bathroom? When do you allow children to go alone?
mickey2 07:11 PM 02-09-2011
For me it depends on the child. I have 2 right now who "go alone" 3.5 and 4 however they tell me they have to go. I still monitor. I still go every few seconds and check, to make sure they wipe properly and make sure they wash their hands, flush etc. But they have to ask permission to go.
DCMomOf3 07:19 PM 02-09-2011
when they can undress, go, wipe, dress and wash without help then i expect them to do it. I have always urged them to try to wipe first and i'll check their 'work' from the first time on the potty. My current kids have been able to do this since they were not quite 3. They ask/tell when they have to go, and I will still check to make sure they flushed and washed.
ninosqueridos 07:24 PM 02-09-2011
Definitely depends on the child. I've had kids need help until age 5, but my current 3yo ds goes mostly alone (I only wipe bottom for poop).....he can fix his pants, flush, wash hands, dry them, lights off, etc.
Abigail 07:30 PM 02-09-2011
Thanks for the responses. I was babysitting a new girl tonight who is 2.5 and already potty-trained. I felt weird following her into the bathroom because she can do everything on her own except reach the faucet. I never watched her before and it was in her home, so I didn't want to make her feel I was invading her privacy. Good thing I did go help (stood in the hallway while she went) and helped her pull up and wash hands.

BTW, she was at my house for half hour and used the toilet here (no step stool, my home is not child proof, but it was an emergency basis why she was here). I have FOAM DH always drips the soap into a pile on the counter and I hate cleaning up after him, Foam does the job! This little girl never had foam soap before. What was the first thing she did????

She had a hand full of foam. What else do you do but slam your hands together and have soap flyin?!
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