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Daycare and Taxes>Where Do You Put Gift Expenses In MMK?
legomom922 07:06 AM 02-17-2011
There is no category for toys that I have bought as gifts for christmas bdays, etc, I just put under toys. I also dont know where to put gifts such as baked goods that I made for the parents, or plants, or gift cards. I have pretty much just kinda through all of this stuff under supplies, but dont know if this is acceptable or not. So, what the correct thing to do?
Blackcat31 08:13 AM 02-17-2011
It says birthday cards go under office expenses but I don't know about gifts....maybe make a customized category? I use/made one and let my tax preparer deal with how to file it. If you do it all yourself then sorry I probably wasn't much help. Maybe Tom will clarify.
TomCopeland 10:52 AM 02-17-2011
In general, it doesn't make any difference where you put your business expenses on Schedule C.

You are entitled to deduct gifts up to $25 per person, per year. More than that is not deductible. You could list this as a separate category under Other Expenses, line 27.

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