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logged out for privacy 06:02 AM 05-21-2014
Im a regular user here but just needed your input. Can anyone please have a look at my website and let me know what you thimk, good or bad? Anything I have overlooked? Mistakes? Too wordy?

I posted this as a reply to another website thread but didnt get a response so thought I'll just put a new thread on here.

Im newish, opened about 6 weeks ago

Thanks in advance!
playground1 06:09 AM 05-21-2014
Hi, I think it looks great! Very simple, not to wordy and if I lived near you I'd totally bring my kids to you. I like that you don't have tv and that you're flexible about times.

The only things I might consider changing are the front page and some of the links to FB don't seem to be working. You might want to use some bulletpoints on the front page, since you explaining what you offer, rather than saying "we offer" every time.
cheerfuldom 06:24 AM 05-21-2014
okay so you do a morning program for babies and toddlers only? thats cool. that is hard to find around here.

I like the playroom. Its very simple and clean although I could see how not every parent would appreciate that. I prefer a playroom that is not overrun with toys and stimulation.

Overall, I like the website. I did not find anything major that needed to be changed although I agree with the above poster that the front home page needed a little spicing up. Something a little easier to read like bullet points versus all the random bolding and various font colors.
spinnymarie 06:58 AM 05-21-2014
I agree, I'd put headings on the front page, like Schedules, Ages, Location (or something)
It's very nice otherwise.
melilley 07:20 AM 05-21-2014
I agree with pp's about putting bullet points or something.

Other than that, I love your website!

I also want to say that you are very brave taking multiple drop in infants and
jenboo 07:22 AM 05-21-2014
This is just a personal opinion but I very much dislike the contact forms where you have to fill in the info and wait for a call back...I usually skip those businesses and keep looking for others. I would much rather have a phone number to call and leave a message if no one answers...
llpa 07:35 AM 05-21-2014
I think it just needs the bullet points also... Otherwise it looks great!!
Im OP 08:05 AM 05-21-2014
Thanks so much for your input. I actually recently added more info on the front page so people who just like to glance at websites can quickly see what I offer. But your right, I'm going to do bullet points to make it easier to read.

Thanks for mentioning the contact form. On the second page I do list my phone number but I'm going to add that too on top of the form, should they just want to directly call me.

My daycare is RIE inspired so that is why I don't use swings, exersaucers etc I like babies and toddlers to have the freedom of movement to explore. Also minimum toys to promote focus and social skills like taking turns. I am legally allowed 5 but only going to have 3 or 4 at any one time. I am in a lucky situation that we are not dependent on the daycare income (yet!)

About the Fb link, not sure how to fix but I'll look into it.

Thanks again and if you think of anything else, let me know
butterfly 10:52 AM 05-21-2014
I agree to bullet pointing the front page. I think maybe the following: "We also offer temporary back-up/ emergency care - should your nanny/ babysitter or childcare provider closes" I believe closes should be close ??

I like your space. I really, really like the minimalist look. - That sounds offensive, but I didn't mean it to be. I like that it looks clean and organized.

Is there another way to word "police checked"? Like background checked? or something. For some reason that really stuck out to me. But totally not a big deal. And could remove "Is" in those bullet points - not necessary.

I'm not sure I'd put on your website that the deposit is refundable under certain situations. That seems like it'll open up issues down the road. If you want to refund the deposit in certain cases, that's your business, but I wouldn't advertise that you do.

I liked the form to request more information. I always liked being able to do those online and get the ball rolling even if it's the middle of the night when I review someone's website.

Good job! I like it!
OP here 08:29 PM 05-21-2014
Thank you Butterfly.

Thank you for correcting my grammar! I also changed police to background check, you're right, sounds so much better! I think in the UK we say police check more...

I love the minimilistic (sp) look as well. We live in a small house so anything that does not serve a purpose or is broken is out! Clutter would just make the house look and seem smaller.

I kept the form and added my phone number again on top so people can decide for themselves.

About the security deposit, I'm going to explain why I advertise as it's refundable under terms and conditions... I know I don't need to explain myself but I would like to

When I was setting up the daycare, about a year ago (yes, it took a year for me to enroll) I was reading this forum for research and I quickly found out that most providers do a non-refundable security deposit, usually 2 weeks fee that will apply to last 2 weeks of care or first week and last week, regardless if they attend daycare or not.

My husband and I actually had a discussion about this and he made a very interesting and good point that most people love to have their money back or think they will. I thought about it for a long while and came up with this and I have put it in my 5 page contract! My contract is wordy but it covers everything (I think and hope). This forum also helped me with my 20 page handbook and the contract.

Security Deposit
The security deposit of $ _____ (equals to 2 weeks tuition fee) is due at the signing of this contract. Payment can be cash or check.

• If the child does not to start care for any reason then the security deposit will be forfeited
• The security deposit will be refunded to the client if the contract is terminated during the first week of care (trial period) on the condition that there is no outstanding balance on the client’s account
• After the trial period, the security deposit will be returned to the client on the last day of care, on the conditions that two-weeks written notice were given by the client AND the client’s account balance is not outstanding
• If the client fails to give two-weeks’ written notice to terminate this contract then the security deposit is forfeited

If the provider terminates this contract, the security deposit will be returned to the client on the last day of care, on the condition that there is no outstanding balance on the client’s account. If the client leaves before the last day of care and tuition fees are not paid for the final weeks of notice, the security deposit is forfeited.

The security deposit may be applied to the LAST 2 weeks of care (the notice period) at the client’s request AND with the provider’s written agreement.

I copied and pasted from my contract. I definitely think the non-refundable is by far the easiest than my way. I advertise it to look like I'm offering something that other providers and centers are not. Anyway, both ways you still get paid till the last day of care, my way the clients are happier because they think they are getting their money back! It's all psychological!!

Just so you know, my tuition fees are due on Thursdays for the next week of care and overtime (late) fees are paid before they leave at the end of the day, so their account should always be in good standing or else no pay no play - another thing I got from this awesome forum

There might be loopholes or something I am overlooking, but I can't think of any but if anyone does, PLEASE let me know!! I want to be fair and reasonable to parents or appear to be at least!

Thanks again to all who spent time looking at my website.
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